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Because of Zim
Bloody Valentine
Body Switchers
Dib's Mind
General Insanity
God save the Dib
Hello Darkness
Hot Dogs
Humans are stretching
Johnny Meets Zim
New Class of DOOM!
Short Endings
Single Mistake
The Nightmare Ends
The Sight
Thirteen Years Later
Transportal Doom
You Know

I’ve already contacted the Tallest. They’ll be here, soon. I look out of the Voot’s window, and see the Earth, the conquered Earth, spinning miles below me. I can’t quite perish the thought that Dib is down there, somewhere, still trying to fight, most likely. But there’s nothing he can do. Nothing anyone can do.
I’ve developed a virus. Almost instantly fatal, and transmits even faster. It carries through the air. And I’ve released cubic tons of it all over the Earth. The Earth-monkeys will be dead before they even figure out they’re sick.
The Massive is still not in sight, but it should be arriving soon. Who knows, maybe they have another planet to stop at, before coming here. Irk knows there’s enough Invaders out there. I fight the urge to contact them again. I know they’re coming, soon.
I imagine the look on their faces when they see the destruction I have ravaged on the Earth peoples. They never really believed, I think, that I could do it. They never imagined that this short little Irken could accomplish anything. But they were wrong. Oh, so wrong.
I can see myself in my mind’s eye. I stand strong and proud, loading the first cannon load to start the organic sweep. I hit the button, twenty pounds of explosives drops to Earth. The crew cheers, and the Tallest smile. They see me in a new light. They see me for the Invader I so truly am. The armada commences the organic sweep, within a day, there is no trace of the stink-monkeys that populate the spinning dirt ball. The dirt ball that has been my home for over two of their years. I hate it. And I hate everything on it. Every single thing.
I’m going to love destroying it.
If only the Tallest would get here.

Billions of miles away, the Tallest laughed. Not that anything was very funny. The Massive was floating through space, without a current direction. Most of the crew was starting to develop cabin fever.
But the Tallest kept imagining Zim. Zim, banished to Earth. Zim, waiting above a dead planet, waiting for them. Waiting and waiting.

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