Facts of Life

people are stupid
Moving day
Robin Williams should be typecast
Give the goths a break
TV is crap, and why writing is cool
Anime is cool
Abortion, the death penalty, and you
Sisterhood of the pants
Robin Williams should be typecast
That's so Raven
So Ghetto
Hate mail is stupid
LOL is Gay
OMG is not a curse
Noah's Ark is bunk


Hi. This is a site you'll only get to if you've been searching reeeeeealy hard. This is where I get to rant about life and stuff I like and don't like and pretty much say whatever the hell I want.

This gal to the right here... this is me. I'm not putting up a real photo because then psychos email me. Not good psychos, perverted psychos. So I'm not doing it.
Anyway, if you like what's here or even of you don't you can go back to my HOME page.


What's New?

I'm putting it up and then I will update this update thing nomore. 6/19/05

Disagree? You're wrong. But you can yell at me anyway at Blahsblah2001@yahoo.com