Facts of Life

people are stupid
Moving day
Robin Williams should be typecast
Give the goths a break
TV is crap, and why writing is cool
Anime is cool
Abortion, the death penalty, and you
Sisterhood of the pants
Robin Williams should be typecast
That's so Raven
So Ghetto
Hate mail is stupid
LOL is Gay
OMG is not a curse
Noah's Ark is bunk
people are stupid


I’m just reading this guy’s article and wondering if he’s trying to make a joke of if he’s really THAT inbred.

Actually, I think maybe this whole site is either a joke or a retard day-care center, because these people are SO STUPID.

This one I particularly hate, because this ‘loyal Christian’ after ‘forcing’ himself to watch hour after hour of hentai decided that anime is the work of Satan, and is for pedophiles because of the large eyes of the characters.




The large eyes are a common theme in cartoons because it is easier to show expression. And yeah, sometimes their faces look kinda like kids, but their bodies (and mannerisms *Miruko*, koff koff) definatly show them to be adults. Come on, man.

The greatest bit, though, was the images. He was so horrified by the hentai that he loaded it onto his computer, took screenshots, and, this is great, instead of black censor buttons, used images of Jesus.

Okay, then, just to see if maybe this was a joke site, I looked at another article.


Is your son a computer hacker?

He might be if:

He asks to change ISP’s from AOL

He installs such programs as ‘comet cursor’ ‘flash player’ and ‘Bonzi buddy.’

He asks for new hardware, such as a faster video card, larger hard drive, or more memory.

He spends more than 30 minutes a day on the internet. (Me: I spend like 10 hours every day)

He becomes surly. (because yeah, hackers are all punk losers, SARCASM)

He radically changes his appearance, wearing day-glo stuff. (because hackers go out of their way to draw attention to themselves)

His grades drop, because computer radiation causes schizophrenia. (Oh, I was wondering where I got it from)

I was in hysterics over the ‘change from AOL’ line. That is pure shit. AOL, I mean. Anyone who’s ever had it will tell you it sucks. And listen, parents, maybe if you have really little kids blockers used moderately will help with accidental site veiwing, but really.

Blocks are a pain in the ass, and serve no purpose. They block the most random stuff, like you can’t make image searches, because all images are blocked. I use image searches every single day and have come across maybe six questionable images from all the thousands I have seen.

Also, truly helpful sites are often blocked. I’ve written down URLs from blocked sites at school, and checking them out at home, have found that they are more helpful than the things that the blocker let through, and not dirty at all.

And they are also useless, because you are telling me that one programmer is going to pit his blocking skills against the collective sex drives of every teenager in the world?

Yeah, and if you put a little hat on a snowball it can last a long time in hell.

And blockers also block free sites. All of them. That means all the sites on tripod, Geocities, angel fires, freewebs, and pretty much everything else will be blocked.

If you have a blocker, you’re probably not reading this.

And, last but not least, it is important to keep your children from ever seeing any part of the opposite sex’s body until they are securely married off, because they will never, in fact, grow up, and will forever be naive little nine year old children you can keep under your wing.

They will certainly not ever become curious, and, with your obvious lack of explanation, or even acceptance, of these subjects, seek guidance elsewhere.

Because look, parents, here’s the deal on learning about sex, straight from a teenager who’s going through it right now.

My parents always said I could talk to them about anything, and they were right. But here’s the thing. When the other kids at school (who are a year older than me) start coming up with names like homo and dyke, which are completely unheard of but obviously sexual… well… let’s just say I don’t want to go up to my mother and say “Mom, Billy called me a slut. What is that?”

Everything I know about sex, I learned from the internet, and while I’m sure having a nice long talk about sex with my parents would have been fun… no, scratch that, I’ll stick with the Net.

I’m sick of writing about these retards, and am now going to rant about how Christianity s going to lead to the death of humanity.

I’m reading some of these articles written by self described ‘Christians’ and I am telling you, they are not ‘Christians’ they are ‘sexually deprived control-freak nazis.’

(This article is not to insult Christians in general, I was raised Christain, and my parents were nothing like these people. Just because I switched to athiesm doesn't mean anything)

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