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Anime is cool
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Robin Williams should be typecast
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Anime is cool

Anime is cool. I've just started getting into this stuff about two days ago, but I've come up with some really cool stuff. Actually, all of it is about Inuyasha, which is my new favorite show. A friend I have is really obsessed with anime, I heard about it from her. She has this Inuyasha poster on her wall, and the first time I saw it, I thought the two guys on it were women. (Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru) If I can find that poster online, I'll post it here. But I might get really lazy and just not do it, so don't get your hopes up.

One of the great things about anime is that it's really fun to draw. It's relatively easy, too, mostly because the people look like people instead of genetically altered mutants. (fairly oddparents, cough, cough)

They have cool clothes, too. Almost all the girls have the same outfit, I guess it's a uniform for teenage girls in Japan. So the girls are pretty easy to draw once you have that down.

Some of them are really really into their outfits though, Like Sesshoumaru, he's got all these different patterns and stuff, and he carries that freaking fur-whatever everywhere. That's kinda hard to draw. I've only ever done him once, (unlike Inuyasha and Kagome, which I've done about 20 times each) and it took me three hours and still looked like crap.

The general rule for weapons, I guess, in that show, is take the sword (or boomerang or whatever) and draw it about six times bigger than it has any natural right to be. This makes it look cool, I suppose.

In fact the only Anime that I've ever seen that isn't cool is Dragonball Z. I don't know if this is technically classified as anime, I really don't care. It looks like anime. The reason I don't like Dragonball Z is, well....

I've seen some freaky shit in my life. I was watching Ren and Stimpy at seven years old. I've seen robot chicken, and enough old horror movies to rot the brains of a thousand adults, but when it comes to freaky shit, DZ takes the cake, man.

Ok, I admit, I've only seen a little bit, the first one about a year ago when I actually made it through a whole episode, which was basically Freezer (I remember his name because it's so weird, no I don't give a crap if it's spelled wrong) and these two other guys who I guess were aliens, too. They looked about the same, black, tall, spiky hair. Anyway, the episode was mostly Freezer using his massive, super-high energy levels to slam one of the guys into the ground over and over again until he died. The whole time the guy getting killed was telling the other guy about all the cruel things that had been done to him. Now that I think about it, I think the second guy was Goku (spelled wrong? I don't care) Either way, it was pretty horrible to see somebody get killed like that.

I pretty much avoided it for a while until I figured out that it was on right before Futurama and gave it a second shot. So I watch most of another episode... Which, would you know it, was Goku getting killed pretty much the same way. Gawd.

Ok, then I figured I'd never watch it again. Until yesterday, when I saw the last episode I could stand and was forced to write this.

OK, here's what I saw yesterday: This is toward the end. There's this little kid running around on this really tall rock. The greenandpink guy is watching him from a distance, I guess. Okay, so this kid is getting really really panicked about how to get off this really tall rock. He's making these weird noises, too, like he's running really fast. Then he looks at the moon and turns into a.... Giant monkey???

Right, whatever, cut to thirty seconds of Goku running along the great snake of cloudland.

Then the greenandpink guy goes and fights the monkey or something, anyway, he arbitrarily decides to blow up the moon, which he does after about three seconds of hesitation. The giant monkey turns back into the little kid, who for some reason is now naked and KO'ed. The greenandpink guy then goes over and pulls off his tail. Then he gives him some clothes with some symbol, a sword, and leaves him alone in the desert for six months.

I think at this point I stopped paying attention.


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