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Robin Williams should be typecast
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Moving day

This summer I switched crowds, from the Scary Hellfans, to the Anime Obsessors. Here's a short essay on why this was a mistake.

Hey gang (gang, used here, means the one random viewer who dropped in by accident)

I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this recently, and now I’m gonna write them down for any of you who would have followed in my path.

My life being, basicly, a vacuum, I find one thing and use it to fill up the entire space in my head. Result: one hell of an obsession. My last one, as you have probably guessed, what JtHM, or basicly, dark, scary, alternative-style stuff. (Not alternative like that, get your mind outta the damn gutter)

Here, I felt I was on pretty safe ground. For all the hype and glamour, us semi-gothic types are pretty sophisticated on the whole. (Sophisticated, used here, means we know our asses from holes in the ground, which cannot be said for many teens nowadays)

But now, I’ve pretty much let that off and taken up a new sub-culture: anime obsessors. Actually, not all anime. Just Inuyasha and Fullmetal alchemist. After two weeks and about half a million fansites, I have come to the following conclusion: I miss the Goths.

From what I’ve seen, and what I’ve seen is the fandom (fandom, used here, means pretty much every fansite you can get on google, Yahoo, and MSN search combined)

Anime people can DRAW. I tell you, I go to some of these sites and come away with my mind just reeling, they’re so good. I would kill to be able to draw that well, and I am not using that as a figure of speech, either.

The only problem is (other than the fact that they seem to get their kicks from inserting sentances randomly in Japanese, sending me on a goose chase across wikipedia for some sort of translation) none of these people can write. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, go run a search on fanfiction.net. You get these results from people who look like they are not only high and stoned but also mentally retarded.

I get the feeling that these are written by not one person, but the collaberation of about 5 seriously preppy, giggly girls who all have their own (slightly disturbing) fantasies and write them all together into one huge story which, as a result, makes no sense.

Just at random, here’s a summary to a story: “Inuyasha and Kagome are having a staring contest. pretty lame. But Inuyasha relizes his true feelings for Kagome.”

Oh, yeah, those two are totally linked. I can really see how one goes to the other. By the way, this story was by OATMEAL HATER and the entire thing was in bold.

Here’s another one: “Mini fics containing more than 100 but less than 200 words. These fics are not related and many won't have a plot.”

This plotless wonder was written by Kouga’sPisces-23, and is lame.


Speaking of disturbing fantasies, what the fuck is up with all the Sessoumaru X Inuyasha stuff?? I think I may have mentioned this before, but they CANNOT be a couple because one they are both heterosexual guys, and two they are brothers. People, I guess, downplay this because there is no chance of inbreeding, but still. And three, last time I checked, they want to kill each other.

Oh, wait, change on number one: We know Inuyasha, at least, is straight, (Kikyo and Kagome, last time I checked: WOMEN) And if Sess was gay (which he isn’t, I personally know about 5 girls who would go home and kill themselves if he was) there was no way he would go with Inuyasha because Kagome and Kikyo would gang up and kick his ass.

The only romances worse than those are the ones written by people who figure out that SessXInu is sick and stick poor Fluffy with the next available character: Rin. She’s like 6 years old for chrissake.

And at least with the Scary Hellfans (what I have taken to calling JTHM/gothic fans) there is a sense of unity. These guys are so split up, they’re always warring. I was reading a story that was actually good (Note: there are good ones, but they’re harder to find. When you do find them, though they’re normally super-awesome) where the author pairs Sess with a fan character, which was a fairy, and it was a really brilliant story. I loved it and was actually crying at the end. When I went to check out the reviews, though, I got people flaming her all to hell because they wanted Sess to be only paired with Inu/ Kagome/ Them/ Whoever. It was really sad all the stuff these people said.

There’s the fans who’re kawaii (cute, happy ~hearts stars sparkles~) and they write everyone that way, romantic stuff, and they’re always getting flamed by the darker guys who want everybody to be cold and ruthless (they normally root for Kikyo, while the others root for Kagome: tell-tale sign)

Okay, I’m done ranting for the night (night, used here, means 2:00 AM)



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