Facts of Life

people are stupid
Moving day
Robin Williams should be typecast
Give the goths a break
TV is crap, and why writing is cool
Anime is cool
Abortion, the death penalty, and you
Sisterhood of the pants
Robin Williams should be typecast
That's so Raven
So Ghetto
Hate mail is stupid
LOL is Gay
OMG is not a curse
Noah's Ark is bunk
That's so Raven

A quick recap of why this show should be cancelled.

I was watching the disney channel with my little sister the other day when this show comes on.

Sister: Oh, it’s this really awesome show called That’s So Raven. It’s about this psychic girl who sees the future

Me: Hmm, this could be cool.

It wasn’t.

Okay, from what I watched, here’s what I can determine of the show:

Raven sees a whole class full of people booing her. She goes to her group of dysfunctional friends and they try to figure out how to stop this from happening. (A feat, I gather, they have not yet been able to reach.)

At this point I may have passed out for a bit, but when I came back, there were these three pop-star boys staying at her house and basicly wrecking the place. Her fat brother and his mute friend are selling their trash on ebay to obsessed fan girls.

Raven’s been braggin gall over school that she knows ‘the boys’ and is suddenly shocked when somebody asks for proof.

Then we see Raven at her school, getting harassed by these three stereotypical ‘mean girls’ who are bouncing all over the place.

Head Mean Girl: I bet you don’t even know the boys.

Two Following Mean Girls: Oh, yeah, she dissed you there.

Audience: Oooooooooh

Then Raven, instead of just kicking the sluts in the face to show them who was boss, agrees to bring the boys to a ‘talent show.’

They won’t come.

So, instead of just telling everybody that they won’t came, she and her friends (Who aren’t the same body build, sex, or color as the boys) rig up a fog machine and pretend to be the boys on stage.

They can’t even lip-synch, so when the radio and fog machine get unplugged (who could have seen that coming, oh dear) they’re flopping all over the stage singing like idiots.

In the ending, (from what My Sister tells me, this is how they all end) Raven apologizes to the audience and says she’s ‘really really sorry, you guys.’

Everybody hates her (oh, look, another prediction come true) until the boys really do show up.

Then all is forgotten and everybody loves her again until the next brilliant fuck-up.

Raven is stupid.

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