Facts of Life

people are stupid
Moving day
Robin Williams should be typecast
Give the goths a break
TV is crap, and why writing is cool
Anime is cool
Abortion, the death penalty, and you
Sisterhood of the pants
Robin Williams should be typecast
That's so Raven
So Ghetto
Hate mail is stupid
LOL is Gay
OMG is not a curse
Noah's Ark is bunk
So Ghetto

If you are in my Social Studies class, this article is a direct attack on you. Because I hate you.

That’s so ghetto.

No, loser, it’s not.

This is another of the great line of sayings I have heard in my Social Studies class. I call them wegroisms.

I hate wegrosisms and I think anybody who says them should be immediately deported to Africa, so they can see what a real ‘ghetto’ is. Here’s a clue: Not downtown Cleveland. Ghetto is bad, not good.

Another wegrosim (also found in my social studies class) is skin-check.

They’ll be talking to each other and all of a sudden somebody will yell out “skin-check!” then they all hold out their forarms to make sure that they are still white. If I ever need to check my skin periodicly to make sure it hasn’t changed colors, I am going to move and start buying bottled water.

The absolute worst thing is almost every day after class, they’ll start pretending they can rap. I don’t know if they think they’re good, or if rap is just stupid, but it’s bad. Look, I don’t start singing hard rock in class (where people can’t get away from you even if they wanted to) don’t bug me with your underdeveloped music, I don’t care.

For more on how gay these people are, check out www.wiggaz.com

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