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A Good Day
A Good Day
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Broken Dreams
Christmas Lights
Chrismas with the Crazies
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Down memory lane
Encounter with a homicidal maniac
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Surprise superimposing
Sharon's New house

Johnny belongs to Jhonen V. Warning: THis story is really really sick. Don't read if you're squeamish.

A spilled brainfreezy. A lost ten dollar bill. Too many giggles and points on the way home. A ripped sleeve that would have to be repaired.
Random events mixing together to make a certain young man very unhappy. But unlike the rest of the human race, he had a very successful way of making a bad day good. Getting blood. He glared at everything as he walked down into his basement. He knew exactly his victim. A jock, slightly older than him. A jock who wanted to show off to his girlfriend, by beating up a wuss.
He tried to remember exactly which room the jock was in. After a few wrong turns, he found it. The guy was hanging from the wall glaring at Nny. Nny ignored him, pulling up a table, and slowly putting objects on it. A butcher knife. Some pins. Four-inch nails. A hammer. A hunting knife. A stiletto. A scalpel. And last, a golf ball. He didn’t actually plan on doing anything with the golf ball, it was more of a psychological torture. It worked, very well.
"Dude. You can’t do this, man. It was just fun. A little fun, Okay?" Nny looked up at the jock. The black eye the jock had given him was a gross contrast to his usually pale face.
"All in fun. All in fun. Fan has now degenerated into causing pain and hurt to others, has it? Well I guess this is fun isn’t it?" He stuck a pin two inches into the jock’s shoulder, an inch below the bottomof the white muscle shirt he was wearing. The jock winced, but didn’t say anything.
"Was that fun for you, too? Was it?"
"C’mon man." the jock was getting panicked. "Don’t do this. I swear, let me go now, and I won’t tell anyone. If you kill someone, you’ll go to prison forever, you know that?"
Nny giggled a little.
"Quite to the contrary." He stuck another pin into the jock’s shoulder. "What’s your name?"
"Well, Brian, I feel that you have a little misconception going here. See, in this arrangement, YOU will be the one who is punished, not me." Another pin. The tiny plastic balls on the ends of the pins formed a line. Nny made the whole constellation of Orion, there in white pins. Brian started to whimper.
"Hmmm. What’s your favorite constellation, Brian?" Brian, who couldn’t see the pattern on his shoulder, said the Big Dipper.
"Ooh, that one’s really easy to do." Johnny took a handful of nails and began making the big dipper on the other shoulder. He had to do it sideways because there wasn’t enough room crossways.
"See this bone here?" Nny pushed a nail halfway in, where it hit a bone. "That’s called the humerus. It’s hard t break, most times. But we can’t have stars sticking out, now can we?" He took the hammer and slammed the nail the last two inches in. A crack was heard, then more as the nail pushed the bone further and further apart. Brian screamed. Nny surveyed his work.
"The Big Dipper. Ursae Majoris. The Indians called it the Great Bear. Before the white men came and forced them into reservations, and killed millions of them." Nny pondered. A few drops of blood dripped into the grate under Brian, where they would eventually end up on the wall.
"See, this star here," He pointed to the lower star, on the side opposite the handle. "Is Merak. It’s the bottom of the dipper. If you make a line from it to the top, Dubhe, they point to the North star." Taking the scalpel, he cut a red line from Merak to Dubhe to the North star. The north star went through another bone, the ulna.
The other two parts of the dipper are Megrez, and Phecda." He sliced red lines to join the stars, then went up the handle too. Brian groaned.
"Do you know why they call it the dipper? The slaves used to use it to go North. They told each other to follow the drinking gourd. The dipper. So a name everyone knows is a symbol of a bloody violent fight between the whites and the blacks they forced to work for them. Like ring around the rosie. Relates to the black plague, you know."
Nny picked up the ball, and threw it from hand to hand as he spoke. He leaned against the wall, facing the same way as Brian. Brian’s eyes followed it nervously. A tiny stream of blood flowed from the constellation, streaming down into the grate. Brian heard it, grimaced at the sound.
"And just while you’re expounding wisdom, why is there a grate here? Are you one of those vampire freaks?"
Nny got angry again. He whipped around, the stilletto suddenly ion his hand, slicing a deep gash across Brian’s face.
"NO! I am NOT a vampire. They’re too gothic. But I do need the blood. For the wall. To keep the monster from getting out." A trickle of blood went into Brian’s eye. He couldn’t move to wipe it away. It was flowing faster now, several trickles hitting the grate in a gentle pat-pat sound.
"You think there’s a MONSTER behind a WALL? Man, you are fucked up. Really. You’re gonna kill me anyway, so I’m telling you exactly what I think."
Instead of getting mad, Johnny looked thoughtful
"Yes. That is a possibility. There’s that old thing about a crazy person not knowing they’re crazy. However, insanity would hardly stop me from being caught, and it would definatly not stop me from being able to die." He got very close to Brian’s blood-streaked face. "Now would it?"
Brian spit on him. Without batting an eyelash, Nny picked up the butcher knife, slashing his stomach, spinning his intestines. They smacked onto the grate, a river of blood rushed down. Brian choked, seeing parts of him no one was ever meant to see. Nny wiped the knife off on the muscle shirt, making a bright red smear. He walked down to the Wall Room, whistling a tune. Any bad day can be fixed.

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