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A Good Day
Author Powers
Broken Dreams
Christmas Lights
Chrismas with the Crazies
City Streets
Down memory lane
Encounter with a homicidal maniac
House 777
Johnny is Abducted by Aliens
Johnny once ago
Surprise superimposing
Sharon's New house

Where on Earth did Nailbunny come from? FIND OUT HERE!!
The first part of this is by me, the second half is by my good friend Tyko. Neither of us own these characters.

The clerk looked up as a tall man walked into the pet shop. She sighed, and continued painting her nails.
Johnny looked around the small shop. There wasn't anyone else in the place. He ignored the fish. A cage filled with squealing guinea pigs caught his attention. He looked at them run around their cage, seeing the same things as always.
Next to the guinea pigs was a cage with a mother rabbit. Several babies were sleeping next to her. One, a white one with black eyes, looked up at him. He smiled, a rare occurrance.
"Excuse me?" He asked. The clerk ignored him.
"How much for the rabbits?"
"Ten bucks." She said, without looking up from her nails. "I'll get one as soon as my nails dry."
She continued to apply a second layer of polish. Johnny glared, and got one of the cardboard carriers. He lifted the soft baby rabbit into it, and closed the lid. He carried the box over to the counter.
"Geez, one minute, Okay? I don't want to smudge it!"
Johnny's eye twitched.

He left a ten dollar bill on the counter, beside the overturned bottle of nail polish. The red liquid poured onto the counter, pooling. It dripped over the side, landing on the clerks face. It ran down her cheeks, making red tear lines. It mixed with the blood on the floor, hardly darkening it at all.
Her nails were finally dry.

Bunny 2
This was typed as a sequel to Bunny, by my friend Abby. Abby is rather unstable.
Sorry, this might not be exactly as you wanted it, Abby, cuz I have to retype it cuz I saved over the original one. (Someone make a 'saved over' data recovery system, you'll be richer than Bill Gates.)

Johnny carried the cardboard container down the road to his house. He realized that the wall was almost dry, so he grabbed a passing pedestrian by their eye sockets, dragging them into the house at 777.
Once inside, he let the little bunny out, so it could hop around. Then he went into the basement to… 'work.' Several buckets of blood later, he emerged.
The bunny looked up at him pitifully. He petted its head. Then he got it some carrots from the kitchen. It munched them down. Hungry for more, it hopped to Johnny, and bit his finger.
"AHH!" The bunny, scared by the sudden noise, bolted for the corner. Johnny glared at it.
"You," He said. "have hurt me for the last time."
He picked up a large nail from where it was lying on the floor. He stalked over to the rabbit, and picked it up. He pushed it to the wall, and slammed the nail through it, pinning it to the wall. He walked back down into the basement.
The bunny started talking a few days later.