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Damn, I have not updated this in FOREVER. Ah, well.
As it stands, it's 2006 and I'm almost sixteen. Man, this site in ancient.
I'll leave the rest of that stuff down there as a relic. Fourteen. Ah, fourteen. I was young, almost innocent, and still afraid of yaoi. Ironic, that.
Well, I'm off to wander.

This is blahsblah2001, an insane person who lives on Mars. No, I just kid.
I like purple a lot. Yes, I very much do. Other stuff I like is writing and drawing and sugar. Plus I like spellcheck.
My favorite authors are Eoin Colfer and Jhonen Vasquez and Dav Pilkey and Serina Valentino and... um...
(gets bored and wanders off)

Just a little thing about me. I'm 14 years old. My whole life, I have been toeing the thin line between genious and insanity. A couple months ago, I picked up a copy of JTHM. I read it, and it inspired me. I took a FLYING LEAP over the edge into insanity.
It's not so bad here. I would know. Some people laugh at me... but then I scream gibberish at them really loud, so it's OK.

I pretty much spend my life writing fanfictions and creating sites no one will ever look at. See, you're not really reading this cuz no one goes to my sites.


If I were a poor graphic made by dollmaker and paint, this is what I would look like. My hair is really shorter than this, though.

Yeah! Wasn't that great? No wait... that was horrible. Did you like it? Hate it? Find a (god forbid) typo? TELL ME ABOUT IT@ blahsblah2001@yahoo.com