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Pages I like

Stuff I like, but didn't make. GO TO THESE PLACES!

Okay, the first place I like is Room with a Moose and Gir.
They have all sorts of downloads and graphics and stuff. They're a really awesome site.
These people know everybody personally. They're great for inside info.
These people are OBSESSED. If oyu want to know it about ANYTHING AT ALL, backround, characters, fanfics, you name it, it's there.
This is Jhonen's own site. There isn't much there right now. Except his email.
Homepage of the voice of tallest Red, Wally Wingert!
this dude is really funny. Check out the evil piggies.
Lots and lots of fics.
Man, this girl can DRAW.
I have nothing against Bush. He just kinda looks like a chimp.
Cool movies
Really, there is no arguing with this! Anybody seen the pics of the damage? Question: WHERE DID THE PLANE GO?
You ahve been owned.
Opinions. If you disagree, you are wrong.

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