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YAY!!! Other stuff I have made, in my brilliance:

Everything you always wanted to know about Johnny. Character bios, images, a bit on the story line, and basic info.
Fanfictions by me and some of my friends. If you want your fanfic up here, email it to me! Now over 25 fics!
Everything you could possibly want to know about Irkens or just random stuff from the show. character bios, images, etc.
Umm... fanfiction. No slash. over 25 fics now!
This is just a tiny fansite with character bios and a few images. (UPDATE: This site is gonna get deleted uless somebody tells me they want it up. I'm not blackmailing for feedback, it's just a lot of starage space I can do better things with.)
Really Really Big Johnny Pictures
The OLD site, pictures a the bottom. Also, a look at why Tripod kicks the living stuffing out of Geocities. Seriously, if you have a site there, you should switch. 
This is a basic collection of all my opinions written out into essays/paragraphs. Kinda like a blog, only not really.
The newest Fandom in the collection! Still growing, but an impressive collection of images, some lingo in Japanese,and links as to where oyu can find everything else.

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