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Spongebob is Evil

I have always always known that Spongebob was stupid and Evil,a nd I just found out a few weeks ago that others share this opinion.

Spongebob is the Antichrist

Speaks for it's self, I guess. I like this guy's site, too.

The only spongebob product I would buy.

I don't even know why I'm amking this site I just really... REALLY hate Spongebob. HIs giggles drive me to fits of murderous insanity. And I'm really starting to agree with that guy who says he's the antichrist. I mean, how else could he SO COMPLETELY cause an obsession with EVERYBODY???
It's either black magic or that.
Then again, the Antichrist has to die, and then 'bring himself back to life.' I forsee a cancellation of the show and then so many people show up infront of Nick dressed as spongbob that they realize they don't want to anger this multitude of Morons and they bring it back.
Nobody evaporated, though. So either that part messed up or there's no good christions left on Earth.
If anybody has good links or images that you want me to put up or something email me. I love to get email. It's muy goodo. 
NEW! Scientific proof that Spongebob is evil.
To get/watch spongebob on TV requires time and money.
Spongebob = Time x Money
And we all know that time is money
Time= Money
And so:
Spongebob = money x money = Money˛
And since money is the root of all evil
Money = Square root of evil
And so:
Spongebob = (square root of evil)˛
and so the only conclusion is that
Spongebob = evil.
Can't argue with algebra.

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