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Welcome to Blahsblah2001's AMAZING ZIM SITE!
Made by me, because I'm amazing. This is under construction right now, BUT in the future on this page you will find bios, fanfiction, and other AMAZING STUFF!
Or, you can go back to my HOMEPAGE.
Ok, a bit about Invader Zim. HE IS AMAZING! Almost as amazing as me. Yes, anyway, Invader Zim and all related stuff belongs to the Almighty Thinnest, Jhonen Vasquez. I own nothing. So, yeah.
Actually it doesn't matter who owns Zim. Zim is cancelled, no matter who told you otherwise. Now before you go raging off to sign petitions, I would like to straighten something up. Invader Zim was not cancelled becasue of Nick's, or really anyone else's decision.
Jhonen was getting really annoyed with having to have everything revised like a hundred and fity times. Richard Horvitz, the voice of Zim, was having problems with his voice as a result of all the SCREAMING Zim does.
A lot of people were upset at the weirdness of the show, and they sent letters. A mix of all these things is what got Zim killed.
But he isn't really dead. Zim will live on as long as we, the loyal die-hard rabid hellfans remember him. One day, as is the inevitable path of life, the Zim stuff will end up in a box somewhere in the back of our closets with our boots and black clothes, forgotten for a time. But time will pass, and we'll pull out that box, if only for a moment, and remember.
Zim will live on.

If anybody wants to give me your fanfictions I will put them up. won't put up script format or self-insertions, BUT I WILL!


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OK! The site is up! I'm messing with raphics right now. Later I think i'll start putting up bios and fanfics. Stay tuned loyal fans!

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