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Invaders who don’t really do anything but invade quietly, and are not in the show except for the first episode: Alexovitch, Chin, Dooky, El, Groot, Kim, Koot, Krunk, Nen, Pesto, Poot, Sklud, Skoo, Slant, Spleen, Sploodge, Yoogli, Yuli, Zee.

Invader Tak was not really an Invader. On the Military training lanet Devastis, Zim caused her to become trapped in her dorm, causing her to miss the test which would have made her an Invader. Instead she was placed on a janitorial squad and sent to planet Dirt. She escaped, using a ship she built herself, and headed to Earth to take Zim’s mission. She failed, and was launched into space in an escape pod. Dib now has control of her ship, which crashed to Earth. She is one of the only intelligent people on the show, and would have succeeded had Zim and Dib not joined forces to stop her plan.

Invader Flobee was assigned to a planet whose name is not known. It’s people are made of rocks. His disguise is basicly rocks tied to his head. Seeing as the aliens were worshipping him when Zim saw him, I’d say he had pretty much conquered the planet.

Invader Gooch was on Devastis waiting to take his Invader’s test.

Invader Grapa was chosen to take Skoodge’s place after the Tallest tried to kill him. He was part of the Planetary conversion team, but it is unknown if he is a real invader or just a sub.

Invader Larb was originally chosen to go to Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people. After the Tallest saw his increased height, they changed his assignment to Vort, home of the world’s most comfortable couch. He later succeeded at conquering Vort. (Once an ally of the Irken Empire, the Vort supplied Irk with advanced military technology. Recently conquered by Invader Larb, Vort is now Irk's top military research prison.)

Invader Lardnar (Not to be confused with Captain Lard Nar of the Resisty) was seen arriving on Conventia as the Great assigning was beginning.

Invader Skoodge was assigned to Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people. He is short, ugly and his uniform has stains on it. But, he is one (possibly the only one) of the people on the show who is actually intelligent. He was the first Invader to conquer his planet. For his trouble, the Tallest shot him out of a cannon onto the Planet’s surface.

Later in the show he was supposed to move to Zim’s basement, but that never happened.

Invader Skutch was assigned to a planet whose name is unknown, but seeing as the place was in fiery ruins when Zim saw him, I’m guessing he conquered it.

Invader Slacks (AKA Invader Sqood) was assigned to planet Boodie Nen, planet of large nostril people. On Probing day, Slacks had no puppet show for the tallest, and received a pummeling.

Invader Sneakyonfoota was only seen in Hobo 13, where he bet a thousand monies Zim would get eaten.

Invader Stink was assigned to an unknown planet, but he blew up a city there, and it was cool. He was also part of the Planetary Conversion team on Blorch.

Invader Tenn was assigned to planet Meekrob, a planet of beings made of pure energy. The tallest meant to send her a Megadoomer, but she instead got a big box of malfunctioning homicidal SIRS, who wrecked her base and pretty much everything else. In the season 2 finale, which was meant to be the movie at the end of the series, she would have gotten found out and captured.

Invader Tim bet 2 thousand monies Zim would get chopped in half, in Hobo 13.


As far as we know there is a set pattern to Invader procedures.

Invaders are trained for over ten years under the surface of Irk, and then the Elite are sent to Devastis for further training. On Devastis, they either pass the Invader’s test and are made into Invaders, or they fail it and are sent to wherever personnel are needed.

In the first episode of the show, Zim thinks he is going to be discovered, and he gets ready to initiate a self-destruct button which is, apparently, a cybernetic implant in his arm. It is unknown whether all Invader have this or if the Tallest just gave it to Zim, hoping he’d get caught and blow himself up. In any case, it is not seen after that and several scenes actually dispute it’s existence, like in Dib’s wonderful Life of Doom, it shows Zim not only captured but also operated on. Of course, when you see him his right arm is actually missing, which may hint as to where the device went.

But back to Invaders.

They are supposed to infiltrate the planet and blend in. The purpose being to find the planet’s weaknesses and make it vulnerable to the coming Armada. Then there is an organic sweep, wiping out any life left on the planet.

The invader is then sent to another planet or sent back to Irk, to await another mission.

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