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Irken Compendium of Knowledge

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Compendium of Irken Knowledge

On this page will be a bit about:

Planets in the Irken Empire and others.

Species which occupy these planets

More when I get it

Irk: The Irken homeworld. Irk is believed to be a training facility where the mighty Irken military is bred, trained, and programmed. Most of the Planet’s facilities are underground, but the reason for this is not known. It could be because of radiation or pollution, or just that the Irkens don’t care about being outside much.

Underground are the birthing facilities, where Irken babies (called smeets) are created in tubes. They are gengineered (genetically engineered) to form babies, but eh bodies are not actually alive until the body is complete. When this happens, the tube is removed from the miles of shelves which cover the interior of the facility. It is broken open, and the smeet’s body is dropped to the floor where it receives a shock of electricity to bring it to life. Seconds later, it is given a PAK, which connects directly to the smeet’s spinal cord. This PAK is believed to have the most basic of programming: speech, motor functions, and loyalty to the tallest.

From there the smeet is downloaded with the whole of Irken knowledge, in another chamber, and sent to the training facilities, which are also underground. They will not see the surface for ten years.

Inhabitants: Irkens. For more about the Irkens, go to the link marked ‘about the Irkens.’ They get their own page. How special.

Conventia, the Convention Hall Planet: Nothing is known about it before it became a part of the Irken Empire. Now, it is just a really really big convention hall. The Great Assigning was held there. There is a giant parking lot surrounding the planet in a ring. Irkens park there and are teleported to the surface.

Foodcourtia, the food court planet: Again, nothing is known about it before the Empire claimed it. Now, it is a large pink planet surrounded by floating billboards. On this planet is Schloogorgh’s, a resturaunt run by Sizz-lor, an evil fry cook. This is where Zim was banished to when he messed up Impending Doom one.

Once a year, so many people come to eat that nothing can escape the planet’s gravity for twenty years. This time is called the foodening.

Callnowia: Callnowia is a giant packaging palce which is covered by cannons. When something is ordered from an ad, whatever they ordered is encased in a small meteor and shot out through whatever cannon will take it to the orderer’s home. The cannons have reeealy good aim.

Devastis: Military training planet. When the military training on Irk is done, the elite are sent to Devastis to continue training. At the end of the training, they take a test. If they pass the test they are made into Invaders. If not, they are assigned to wherever it is that they are needed. On Devastis, there are dorms, training pods, holographic chambers and snack machines.

Conveyor belt planet: planet made of conveyor belts. It’s kind of like a giant mail processing place. Original inhabitants, now enslaved, are the Screw-heads. They’re aliens with… giant screws in their heads. Once, in a attempt at rebellion, a screw-head mixed two packages, which caused a megadoomer to be sent to Zim instead of the homicidal SIRS the Tallest intended.

Hobo 13: Another training planet. This is for the less than elite/ people the Tallest want to kill. All sorts of tests and stuff happen here. For the higher classes of Irkens, bets are made on how a ‘trainee’ will get killed.

Trainees are not usually really killed, just sent to the holding pen… OF PAIN!

Original inhabitants: Hobos, monsters of several varieties.

Vort: Once an ally of the Irken empire, Vort was conquered by Invader Larb and is now the top military research prison. Vortions provide the Irkens with all sorts of high-tech stuff.

Original inhabitants: Vortions. They’re filthy.

Planet Jacker planet thingie: Where the planet jackers live. The planet orbits a dying sun. They steal other planets and things to throw into it to keep it burning. The Planet Jackers have a treaty with the Irkens. Planets marked for conquest are to be left where they are. This could be of use to the Irkens in keeping rebellions under control: rebel and we’ll sic the Jackers on you.

Nhar-Gh’ok: planet of babies. Evil babies. A regiment was once stranded on Earth, and they tried to steal Zim’s voot and fly home, but GIR made them retarded.

Meekrob: Home of the Meekrobians, beings of pure energy. In one episode they give Dib super powers. Meekrob is being invaded by Invader Tenn, whose mission his a bump when she was accidentally sent about a million evil defective SIRS.

(SECRET DOODAD: In the season finale, which was never even scripted, the Meekrobians were supposed to capture Tenn. They would hold her hostage, and the Tallest would contact all the Invaders to go rescue her. By that point, Skoodge would be living in Zim’s basement, so Zim would go to. He would spark an interplanetary war. Then Dib would show up, in Tak’s ship I guess and he would join up with the Resisty and the Meekrobians to overthrow the Irken Empire. Zim was supposed to get launched into a meteor, and Dib would be Ambassador for Earth.


Boodie Nen: being invaded by Invader Slacks. It’s planet of really big nostril people.

Plookesia: A couple of plookesians once dropped down on Earth and gave Zim a bunch of super weapons. It was cool.



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