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Here's some helpful/funny links I have come across. I hope you like them.

Banners will take you to home pages, while these here are more like highlights. If you want to be my affiliate, send me your banner and homepage (if you don't have a banner that's OK) and I'll get back to you.

NOTE: I have made good use of Google's hit counter to bring you the following statistics:
Inuyasha: 1,080, 000
Inuyasha without Sesshoumaru: 857,000
Sesshoumaru: 90,900
Sesshoumaru+fluffy: 5,340
Inuyasha (images): 101,000
Sesshoumaru(images): 4,110 (all but about 400 of which are fanart)
All together, the searches took 10.4 seconds, which is less time that it's taken to type this.
If there was an official site, this would be it. Contests, news, fanarts, you name it. Also, an extensive collection of screenshots sorted by episode.
Inu-papa's page. Featuring a lot of really funny fanart, an 'ask papa' column, and a webcam to find out what he's up to right now.
Really impressive collection of amazing fanarts, writings, (the condensed Yasha is great) updates on manga/music, Yasha-isms, sibling rivalry, scanslations, I haven't explored more than that.

A humor site about training 'dogs.' You just have to see it to believe it.

Evolution of the fluffy
Watch the fluffy grow


Stuff you would never see the gang do

I love this song and I love the music video. Also at this site, drinking game and Laws of Anime. (remember, in anime, two plus two can equal FISH!)

Fanart Sites:

I'm always looking for fanart, and I come up with way too much hentai (WAY too much of which is SesshoumaruxInuyasha... what is wrong with you people?)
So I'm linking ot all the good fanartists who stay off this stuff.

author of

Why Sesshoumaru always has his fluff

Good stuff in general

Not Deviantart, but good nonetheless.


Just ignore the stuff at the top and scroll down. It'll be worth it.

A bunch of the Avatars come from here.

More Avators, I got some of mine from here.
Random sites I glanced at in search of answers to somehting or another:

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