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This is Koga and his two lackeys. They’re trying to kill Naraku (and maybe Inuyasha too,
if the situation presents itself.)
Hakkaku and Ginta

Koga (KOH-ga)
Koga, or Kouga, is the leader of the wolf youkai. He has two jewel shards in his legs, and seeks to get more. He has blue eyes and black hair, which he keeps pulled back. He wears mostly orange fur, and some armor on his chest.
When the Birds of Paradise attacked his pack, he found out that one of them had a jewel shard which made it indestructible. He kidnapped Kagome because she could sense where the shard was. Once he got her back to the pack's den, he claimed her as his woman, despite her protests. The rest of the pack then accepted her as their sister. Inuyasha showed up to get Kagome and between the lot of them they destroyed the Birds of Paradise. However, Koga and Inuyasha still want to kill each other, and Kagome is the only one stopping them.
Attacks: He's really fast, sending up a whirlwind when he runs. Also, being youkai, he's strong, which he puts mainly into punches and kicks. He has two lackeys who follow him around, but they normally run away, so they don't count. (Hakkaku, the one with the spiky hair, and Ginta, the one with the stripe)
Weaknesses: If the two jewel shards were removed, he would be just a regular youkai, and would probably get killed. He's also incredibly hot-headed.
A lot of Koga's pack was killed by Naraku, and so he seeks to destroy him. However, he is convinced that he will do this on his own. He's always making fun of Inuyasha, both for being a puppy and for being a hanyou. He's in love with Kagome, and continually tries to get her to ditch Inuyasha for him. Although she's nice to him, she has no intention of being his woman.
He's leader of his pack, but they're normally not around, it's just him and his two lackeys out running around trying to kill Naraku.
Koga's main problem is that the jewel shards have made him overconfident, and he tries to take all fights on his own even though he's normally unable to do so and get's beaten to a pulp.

Hakkaku and Ginta
Hakkaku (the one with the biceps) and Ginta (the one with the dimples) are two wolf demons who follow Koga around. They’re generally seen running around behind his tornado and yelling at him to slow down. Or, if Koga’s fighting, they’re huddled behind a rock thinking about how doomed they are. For some reason they still follow him, though.
For a short while they considered leaving Koga and going to follow Inu-tachi, but they figured Koga was better than Inuyasha.

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